Buffalonians "...drunkenly sharpening their Felcos..."

In this month's issue of Fine Gardening Magazine, (December 09), the editor's asked garden writers and professionals from different areas of the country to list their "Three Garden Wishes." The California representative, Amy Stewart, has a wish of "Neighbors with better gardens than mine." And about neighbors gardening, she writes:

"I want to be surrounded by gardeners with more imagination than I can conjure up. I need motivation–and company. It was not until I experienced the extraordinary Garden Walk held in Buffalo, New York, that I realized that some people live in neighborhoods in which everyone gardens. Plants get traded over the fence, and there are garden parties that last long into the evening, with gardeners drunkenly sharpening their Felcos and stumbling into the perennial border, cocktails in hand, to finish the weekend's work. It sounds dangerous but thrilling."