Garden Walk Article
theatlanticA glowing article about Garden Walk Buffalo can be found on The website. Writer Andrew Sprung  praises Garden Walk Buffalo with comments such as:

"Buffalo has become a site of the triumph of imagination over physical reality in two ways that have caught my heart. The first is the inkpool spread of neighborhoods that have gone mad with gardening.  Really. Gardening, like happiness and obesity, is contagious, and urban pioneers on the West Side have inspired neighbors to garden and so attracted new urban pioneers."

"The movement has been driven in large part by the mind-blowing Buffalo Garden Walk, America's best event of its kind, held the last weekend in July."

He even goes on add that, in addition to Japanese- and English-style gardens, we have a new category - a Buffalo-style garden:

"...what I would call Buffalo gardens - eclectic, funky mixes in which found objects and exotic-looking surrounding rooftops figure prominently. "

The link to the article can be found here:

A slide show of his own making can be found here: