Seven Garden Walk Buffalo gardens featured in Great Backyards magazine

altGreat Backyards' spring issue is out. And it contains seven Buffalo gardens, all of which are on Garden Walk Buffalo. Each garden has a two-page spread and helps illustrate landscaping solutions.

The gardens, from diverse neighborhoods within Garden Walk Buffalo, appearing in this issue include:

  • 44 Irving Place, Tom Ripley
    (Perennial Impact - Seasonal color changes provide just the right punch), pages 26 & 27.
  • 56 North Pearl Street, Elizabeth Licata & Alan Bigelow
    (Full-Shade Splendor - A writer with a penchant for spring bulbs shows how they can flourish), pages 30 & 31.
  • 815/819 West Ferry Street, Lucinda Finley
    (Symmetrical but Different - Unifying two gardens on the driveway - each with different needs), pages 36 & 37.
  • 377 Little Summer Street, David Wendling
    (Up Against the Wall - How a garden grew against a neighbor's garage), pages 46 & 47.
  • 533 Auburn Avenue, Bruce & Renee Adams
    (Funky English Style - A tiny, lush lot evolves with an artist's help), pages 50 & 51.
  • 167 Richmond Avenue, David Bender
    (Less Lawn, More Garden - A garden, house and homeowner finally nestle together), pages 52 & 53.
  • 7/11 Putnam Street, Wayne Gostomski & Thomas Flanigan
    (Colorful Daylily Profusion - A professional's three gardens flourish with 360 varieties, pages 120 & 121.

All are long-time Garden Walk Buffalo participants. The magazine features 50 gardens from around the country, with Buffalo being represented more than any other one city or area of the country. Last year's issue of this same magazine also featured 12 Buffalo gardens.

All photography was created by Garden Walk photographer Don Zinteck of Photographics 2.

Great Backyards, a magazine by Harris Publications, can be found at Wegmans grocery stores and most other bookstores where magazines are sold. Editor Barbara Ballinger will be visiting us for Garden Walk Buffalo this July.